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Jeff Hughes


...was born and raised in Geneva FL. I graduated from Oviedo High School in 2000 and enlisted in the Army from 2000-2005 with one deployment to Afghanistan. After 5 years in the Army I attended UCF and graduated with a BA in 2009. I then went to officer candidate school and was commissioned in 2009 as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army. While stationed at Fort Bragg, NC I went on 2 more deployments and in 2015 was assigned to Hawaii. I have been married to my wife Stefani for 13 years and have a 2-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter.


On the Senator project I was able to have the pleasure of turning pens out of some of the wood from the tree. I have many years of experience turning pens and countless hours of research to provide the very best product. I was deployed during this time so I procured the necessary equipment and tools and found a small container I could set up shop in and turn pens during my down time. Being able to work on this project during deployment helped me temporarily get away from the stressors going on outside my workspace and think about home and family.




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