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Ted Page


Woodhawk (Ted Page) is a sculpture artist and wood carver based out of Titusville, Florida. He specializes in driftwood sculptures, handcrafted artisan furniture, and wildlife pieces. He has gained national recognition for his work, which can be found in various gift shops, art galleries, and restaurants throughout Florida, Colorado and New Mexico.  


For over 30 years, Woodhawk has been crafting beautiful pieces out of natural resources. His technique of creating within the organic shape of the piece allows for each one to have a unique one-of-a kind story.  


In 2014, Woodhawk was chosen as one of a handful of artisans to craft pieces out of the charred remains of The Senator. 


Woodhawk has been featured in Orlando Magazine, The Orlando Tribune, and Lake Mary Life. He has been married to his loving and supportive wife Hillary for nearly 15 years, has 5 immeasurably proud children (who also write his bios for him), 2 beautiful grandchildren, and 2 of the most spoiled Beagles on the planet. 


To contact Woodhawk and find out more, please visit 


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